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Photo: Jona Has Been A Patient Since 2013

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“Stone Ridge Dental is truly a one of a kind dentist office! Dr. Matt and his staff are such a fun, caring and comforting group to be surrounded by.” –Danielle B.

Your Personalized Smile

You only get one smile. That’s why Dr. Matt Smith takes the time to listen to your ultimate smile goals and creates a holistic plan to help you achieve them.

All In One Place

All In One Place

More Case Studies

Through experience, extensive education, and advanced technology, Dr. Matt Smith can translate your ultimate smile goals into a practical, holistic plan. Here are some examples of his work.


Joe I.

KöR Whitening + Crowns


Trisha I.

KöR Whitening + Veneers


Jona M.

Full Mouth Restorations -Upper and Lower


Sam G.

Invisalign + Dental Implant


Danielle D.

Invisalign + Minimal Prep Veneers

Bonnie Before and after

Bonnie H.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Nora Before and after

Nora S.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Krista Before and after

Krista B.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Maureen Before and after

Maureen W.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Nicki Before and after

Nicki G.

Contouring | Reshaping

Hope Before and after

Hope T.

Smile Makeover Type

Patient before and after

Patient S.

Smile Makeover Type

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Virtual Consultation

Are you interested in making a change that will improve your life? Some of Dr. Smith’s clients know what they want; others are curious and have questions.

That’s why Dr. Matt Smith offers a short virtual consultation to help determine the right choice for you. During your consultation, you’ll learn what’s possible, how much it will cost, and all about Dr. Smith’s process.